About Us

Surge Construction is a leading design and construction company specialising in high-end home renovations in Brisbane. Founded by director Zach Weston over a decade ago, we are built on the pillars of construction excellence and design innovation, with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Having transformed dozens of homes across Brisbane, we know exactly how to provide a solution for any problem. Our goal is to create exceptional homes aligned perfectly with the vision of our clients.

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What sets us apart

We are among a growing list of builders that believe collaboration between the client, designer and builder right from the beginning is paramount. This is achieved through a pre construction process where we are involved early to provide feedback on build-ability/durability, investigate the project to remove unnecessary provisional sums/prime costs and act as bumpers during the course of the design to help it stay in line with the total spend goal.

Put simply the current system is broken. It is all too common for us to be engaged by clients that have paid 10's of thousands of dollars for documentation and spent months or years going through the process only to find that once they receive quotes back, their dream project costs double what they are willing to spend. This does not happen if you, your designer and your builder collaborate from the beginning of the project.

Our Process